LPL Financial Research Outlook 2023: Finding Balance

LPL Financial Research Outlook 2023: Finding Balance

December 14, 2022

Through all the challenges, newfound opportunities, and every high and low we’ve experienced
during the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that we might be striving for more balance.
Whether it’s about the markets and global economy or what’s happening in our local
communities, the news we’re hearing on a daily basis has the potential to disrupt the balance of
our lives. But with resilience, perspective, and the support of close connections, we can
navigate through it all and regain our sense of equilibrium. Even after another dizzying year, as
2022 proved to be.

LPL Research’s Outlook 2023: Finding Balance is our guide to how the readjustments in the
economy and markets may impact you in the coming year. The disruptions may not be fully
resolved and there may be more challenges to come, but progress toward finding balance is
well underway. And when those disruptions hit the market, it can be hard to find our footing and
stay the course. Those are the times when sound financial advice is more valuable than ever,
as it helps us find our center, remember our plan, and stay focused on our goals.

This material is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for
any individual. The economic forecasts may not develop as predicted. Please read the full OUTLOOK 2023: Finding

Balance publication for additional description and disclosure. This research material has been prepared by LPL
Financial LLC.
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