What Is BLAMO?

A Note From Brian M. Lynn


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In 1993, I had just graduated from Tulane University, with a BA in Political Economy. I came home that summer, and my father asked me just exactly what I intended to do with that degree.

My response, “I want to open my own Asset Management Firm.” My dad laughed, and said, “Oh really? What do you intend to call this firm?”

BLAMO.” We had a good laugh over that, he asked again what it stood for. “Brian Lynn Asset Management Oh My Goodness I am starting my own firm!”

From that day until now, it has always been my goal to open my own firm. It has been my goal to create a new and improved experience in Financial Planning and Asset Management. From 22 years old to today, I learned that I needed a few things to build on that journey:

You Need Experience
In 1993, I took a job with Merrill Lynch in Jersey City, NJ. It was an Administrative position in the Consults program, opening SMA accounts. In this position, I was sponsored to take the Series 7 exam, and I learned about Asset Management disciplines.

In 1994, I moved to the Washington DC Area, where I became a financial advisor with Legg Mason Wood Walker. I graduated from the training program called the “PDC.” Legg Mason’s training program revolved around Value Investing, and having a true understanding of the bond markets, particularly Municipal Bonds. A few years later, I managed the PDC, training future advisors with the firm.

In 2002, I made a double move, returning home to South Jersey to raise a family with my wife, Libby. I accepted a position with Wachovia Securities, which would later merge into Well Fargo Advisors. For 18 years, I’ve built a community based practice working with local families. The core of my practice has revolved around Financial Planning, Asset Allocation, Risk Management & Retirement.

You Need an Education
I have BA in Political Economy from Tulane University. Political Economy is a multi disciplinary major – Economics, Political Science & Philosophy. It has served as the foundation for my career. In current times, our global landscape is constantly changing. The classes I took at The Murphy Institute help me to this day.

Education never stops. I hold a Series 7, 9, 10, 63, 65 with LPL Financial, Insurance and Life & Health licenses. In 1994, I achieved the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification which I still hold.

You Need Really Good People to Help You Along the Way
A big question I always ask is why didn’t I do this sooner? The truth is, I worked along-side some very good people. There are too many people to thank, but I wouldn’t be sitting here without the guidance of some really good managers at the various firms I’ve worked at along the way. I could write a book with everything that I’ve learned from my colleagues through the years.

I wouldn’t be here without my family. My wife Libby, my children Emily & Michael, and the love & support from my parents, my in-laws, my sister, my nephews, and many aunts, uncles & cousins.

You Need a Mission
Our practice revolves around one word: Clarity. The mission of Claritas Financial Partners is to bring clarity to your financial life.

You Need Partners
I never wanted to do this alone. In order to create a better vision for my clients, and their well-being, you need some partners who share that vision. It took a little wisdom, but “BLAMO” was never about me. Jim Pacheco and John Fessler share this vision with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I look forward to the journey ahead,