Look Out for These 2022 Wellness Trends

Look Out for These 2022 Wellness Trends

January 05, 2022

A new year means new opportunities to improve your mind and body. Every year there are new trends that dominate the wellness market, and 2022 will be no exception. These are the fitness, beauty, nutrition, and general health trends experts predict will define the wellness sphere in the year ahead.


Exercising more is by far the most popular New Year’s resolution. Most people occasionally struggle to find the time or energy to hit the gym. However, these 2022 fitness trends will help put a spring in your step.

Sustainable activewear

Workouts are great for your body, but the clothes and shoes you wear while doing so might not be great for the planet. High-quality and eco-friendly activewear will be all the rage in the upcoming year, especially sustainable sneakers. From recycled plastic from the oceans to leather made from mushrooms, shoe production will get more creative than ever before. You’ll feel great knowing you’re helping your mind, body, and the planet every time you start your workout.

At-home personal training 

If you want results from your fitness routine, you must work out properly. However, it can be tough for some people to find the time and money for a personal training session. At-home virtual personal training will address this problem. Fitness tech is getting a massive upgrade with artificial intelligence (AI). AI trainers can sense movements and give real-time feedback on your techniques the same way a trainer would in person. Additionally, devices like Tempo learn their user’s habits and monitor their vitals during a workout so that they can offer exercises tailored to fitness levels and goals.


In 2021, we embraced beauty trends surrounding self-care and natural products. While 2022 will bring a similar theme, there will also be a focus on innovating beauty technology to make these demands possible and affordable for more consumers.


Become familiar with the growing term cleanical. It’s a combination of the words clean and clinical, meant to describe an effective product made from sustainable resources. Companies will start using safer lab-grown active ingredients that mimic endangered resources. More people will be looking to splurge on high-quality products from companies like this that can sustainably address their needs.

 Beauty and biotech

Beauty and biotech will be crossing paths more as people search for personalized formulas and technology that can accurately predict what exact products they should use. Beauty entering the biotech realm could mean that the days of confusion in the beauty aisle are slowly ending. More people are recognizing that it can take a lot of time and money to find the best skin, hair, and makeup products. Instead of beauty aisle trial and error, genetic testing and product personalization will give you products that are statistically more likely to work for you.

Food and drink 

Nutritional trends can be healthy or unhealthy. Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for your body. However, these are two trends that most people can benefit from in the coming year.


Step aside, kale—there’s a new trendy green veggie in town. With the 2021 wave of sustainable sea-friendly products and growing interest in plant-based foods, people are looking for more flavorful plant-based seafood to help reduce overfishing. Seaweed is the perfect solution; it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your digestive and immune systems. Seaweed also requires no irrigation, chemicals, or arable land to grow. Keep your eyes peeled for more seaweed dishes in restaurants and grocery stores.

Fresh-made juices 

The pandemic led to a rising interest in foods and drinks that offer immune support. While juice cleanses were a trend years ago, the juice trend in 2022 will be different—full of nutritional value and meant to supplement a balanced meal. These trendy fresh juices will be free of added sugar and preservatives, which means they won’t last as long in the fridge. Because of this, there will be more juice shops offering fresh products, so be on the lookout!


These 2022 health trends will revolutionize how you manage your well-being and empower you to stay on top of every detail of your health—including your financial health.

Financial wellness apps 

As investing surged last year, more people are now searching for ways to organize and manage their finances conveniently and securely. Finance apps will be wildly popular in the coming year, helping people budget for the present, pay off debt from the past, and save for the future. Be sure to consult a financial advisor before putting financial wellness at your fingertips. They can offer you knowledge about which apps are safe and user-friendly. Never put your financial information into an app without vetting it first.

Air-quality monitors 

2020 and 2021 opened the eyes of people who had never concerned themselves with their home’s air quality, which is why air purifiers skyrocketed in sales the past two years. However, in 2022, more air quality monitors will likely come equipped with tracking technology, which will deliver air health updates to your phone. These devices are similar to smartwatches that monitor your heart rate and alert you when it drops or rises.

If you weren’t already excited for 2022, these health-focused items and trends could help you be your healthiest self in the next twelve months.


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