How to Make Time for Volunteering

How to Make Time for Volunteering

May 23, 2024

Getting involved in good causes may seem like quite the time commitment, but with these tips, even the busiest individuals can make time to volunteer. 

Numerous studies have shown that charitable acts can improve emotional well-being, lower blood pressure, and even extend one’s life span. In other words, volunteering may be the healthiest activity you aren’t doing. Even if you have a busy schedule with multiple commitments, there are still plenty of ways to make time for helping others.

Do What You Love

Research volunteer opportunities in your area that align with your interests. If you enjoy books, read to children at your local library. If you’re into staying fit, consider a physically demanding event like stocking inventory at a food bank. And if you love pets, sign up to volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. Find ways to serve that put your passions and talents to use, and you’ll be more motivated to pursue them.

Add It to Your Calendar

Once you find an organization that speaks to you, reach out about its next volunteer event. Sign up for a slot, and immediately put it in your calendar. Once you do, it will feel like a commitment you can’t back out of.

Bring Company

When you invite friends or family to volunteer with you, you’ll find that community service is an excellent bonding activity. Consider making your workday charitable as well. Talk to your employer about a cause in your area, and take the initiative to plan a business volunteer event. Giving back is great for both team building and company marketing, so few employers are likely to refuse.

Donate Instead

If you truly can’t sacrifice your time, consider giving resources like money or supplies instead. Even when short on cash, you can always donate gently used furniture, nonperishable foods, clothing, and unopened hygiene products to local shelters. The difference between wanting to be charitable and being charitable is taking action. Think of one major step you can take today to give to those in need, then start researching opportunities to get involved. For more info, visit


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